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Tenox's Software and Hardware Projects

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Current and actively maintained projects

aclock ascii analog clock for text console displays and terminals and terminal emulators
asscandir scandir(3) replacement including size and date/time sorting
cmdmax maximize cmd.exe console window from command line
cmdsave dump contents of cmd.exe console window buffer to a file
diskimg Windows tools for imaging floppy, hard disk and removable media like rawrite or dd
disktrim Windows application to send TRIM / UNMAP / DISCARD to SSD
gpp GoPingPlot - A Multi Host Ping Plotting Utility Written In Go.
listdisk List and Query Physical Disk Properties on Windows NT based systes
logmsg Log info / warning / error messages in C for Linux and Windows
lsblk lsblk like utility for for Windows
mpk Email multiple attachments from command line
ntutils Various Command Line Utilities Ported to Windows NT
regln Windows Rregistry Linking Utility
sanitizefiles sanitize file and folder names by stripping unwanted characters
snoopy Portable Command Line Packet Sniffer for Windows
strsplit split string in to array of char[] with separators
strstrip strip unwanted characters from a string
tclock Tenox's Digital Clock
tenoxvga Atari TT High Resolution Mode on VGA Monitor
ttg Display SNMP bandwidth usage similar to ping(1) output
ttyplot a realtime plotting utility for terminal/console with data input from stdin
upload Receive File Handler for multipart/form-data HTTP POST / HTML Form File Uploads
wfm Web File/Content Management Application with GIT integration
winsay Speak text from command line for Windows like Mac OS X say command
wrp Web Rendering Proxy: Use vintage, historical, legacy browsers on modern web
zrs ZFS Rolling Snapshot

Retired and no longer maintained projects (Archived)

cucm2csv Cisco Unified Communications Manager - Dial Plan Export Utility
homeown Reset user home folder permissions/ownership on Windows
joy2tx Control UAV, Drone or RC Device with PC Joystick
nddquery query all network parameters using ndd under Solaris/HPUX
net-snmp-v501-vms Net-SNMP 5.0.1 port to OpenVMS
passgen Password generator script for BASH, KSH and AWK
procdump dumps content of procfs on SunOS 5.x in user readable format
prtmem Print Memory Usage Summary under Solaris 2.6
rblcheck Realtime Black List Checker for MAILsweeper (MIMEsweeper)
scutils Small Utilities for Sun Cluster 3.1
tsetmpfix TEMP folder fix for Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition (TSE)
txplot a very simple tty plotting utility
wallboard Cisco IPCC / UCCX Full Screen Wallboard for Windows

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